New FlueSnug technical bulletin from Worcester Bosch

New FlueSnug technical bulletin from Worcester Bosch

FlueSnug Worcester Bosch technical bulletinLeading boiler manufacturer, Worcester Bosch, has released a new technical bulletin featuring part of the PipeSnug product range; the 100mm FlueSnug. The bulletin details how FlueSnug is used when installing horizontal flues for Worcester Oilfit and Condensfit II boilers, sealing them to the fabric of the building.

FlueSnug is endorsed by Worcester Bosch and other leading boiler manufacturers, and boiler installation experts, like WarmZilla. It is installed both internally and externally in hundreds of thousands of homes across the UK and beyond, making homes greener and more cost-effective.

Installation of the FlueSnug is a quick, clean, and tidy process. It is designed for a152mm core-drilled hole and works to form a flue seal with all 100mm standard boiler flues, replacing the need to mortar or seal around the flue and keeping the air-tight barrier in place. It is the perfect tool for installation in new property builds and can be fitted on existing buildings to improve energy performance.

FlueSnug also allows installers to quickly access the flue for servicing or maintenance requirements, by unscrewing the flue from the boiler, carrying out the necessary work, and fitting it back into the FlueSnug and the boiler once completed.

FlueSnug also has a UV rating incorporated into it, meaning it won’t degrade over time, giving a long-lasting, professional finish.

Download the technical bulletin