How to fit flues at height safely without scaffolding

How to fit flues at height safely without scaffolding

Thanks to FlueSnug, you can now fit flues at height safely, without the need for scaffolding or ladders. That’s because FlueSnug is made from robust but flexible recycled polypropylene and TPE which can be folded through a 152mm core-drilled hole in the wall (through which the boiler pipe and flue exits), and then keep its shape when it reaches the other side. You can then fit it snugly against the brickwork by inserting your hand through.

This flexibility removes the need for any ladders, scaffolding or other safety equipment associated with working at height. As well as saving huge amounts of time and pricey equipment hire costs, this presents obvious Health & Safety advantages. An installer can stay safely inside the property, core drill the wall, slip a FlueSnug through the hole and fit the flue. No other materials have to be used to seal the hole around the flue other than the FlueSnug itself.

FlueSnug can be used both inside and outside the property for the best finish and prevents heat escaping and acts as a barrier to drafts, damp, insects and pests. FlueSnug is designed primarily to help ensure properties meet air tightness requirements, simplify the installation of flues in older properties and when fitted, eliminates the need for any further pointing with mortar or sealing around the flue to the building fabric.

FlueSnug also allows installers to quickly access the pipe and flue for any service or maintenance requirements, without the need to remove existing brickwork, mortar or sealant, saving even more time and cost for installers and their customers. You can then refit the existing FlueSnug – you don’t have to buy another one.

Approved by all major boiler manufacturers, FlueSnug is the quickest, and most cost-effective way to comply with forthcoming changes to Part L of the Building Regulations and to help maintain the energy efficiency of the building.

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