PipeSnug responds to Future Homes Standard consultation

PipeSnug responds to Future Homes Standard consultation

Future Homes Standard

PipeSnug, the innovative product that gives a quicker, smarter finish around pipework, has responded to the recent Future Homes Standard consultation, encouraging the inclusion of Build Quality guidance in Part L of the Building Regulations.

The consultation sets out the UK Government’s plans for the Future Homes Standard, including proposed options to increase the energy efficiency requirements for new homes in 2020. It will require new build homes to be future-proofed with low carbon heating and high levels of energy efficiency by 2025.

“One of the proposed changes would require the fitting of a grommet or collar onto a pipe where it enters or exits a home, helping to maintain the energy efficiency of the building,” explains Alex Lever, PipeSnug Director.

“Evidence shows that pipes extruding from buildings have traditionally been sealed using mortar and silicone adhesives or are just not being sealed at all. Although mortar is tough, it is not immune to weathering and can crack and come away, leaving the cracks open to insects, pests, drafts and water damage. Similarly, silicone sealant can also weather and fall away.

“Therefore, we would like to see the draft Build Quality guidance outlined in Annex C of the consultation included in the Approved Document itself. This will help to ensure that new homes are the most energy efficient they can be, even if the fabric of the building, including floors or walls, has been penetrated by pipework.”

An effective and easy way for housebuilders to seal around pipes and comply with the proposed changes outlined in this consultation would be to use PipeSnug. It is a grommet/collar designed to create an air-tight seal around pipes where they enter or exit a wall or floor. It can be fitted externally and internally, giving a smart finish, quickly. You don’t need to mix mortar or use silicone and it can be fitted in less than five seconds. It is an instant uplift to the building fabric’s integrity. Changing to PipeSnug is cost neutral when comparable to traditional forms of sealing around pipes, but it lasts a lot longer and is quicker – and shows a cost saving against labour due to the ease and speed of installation.

For more details on PipeSnug visit: http://pipesnug.co.uk/