PipeSnug Testimonials

  • Patrick Scales, LPS Oil Heating & Plumbing, Cambridgeshire

    “PipeSnug is a great product and saves me up to 45 minutes compared with mixing cement properly, making good and then cleaning my tools and bucket.”

  • Brian Cooper, MD of Plumb-It Plumbers Merchant, Cambridgeshire

    “Sometimes the simplest of products provide the best solutions.”

  • Gavin Saxton, JB M&E Plumbing & Electrical Solutions, Yorkshire

    “These bad boys are a game changer!”

  • Ian Nicholson, John Nicholson Heating, Northumberland

    “Neat product, looks great. My customer was really impressed with the finish.”

  • Nathan James Van Gambling, Plumbing & Heating Lecturer/NVQ Assessor, East Anglia

    “Products such as PipeSnug help illustrate to students the potential for innovation within industry and can inspire them to think and problem solve in creative ways.”