Drilling a hole for a waste pipe? No need to point around the hole, use a PipeSnug instead.

PipeSnugs are now available to buy here.

What is PipeSnug?

A PipeSnug replaces the need to point mortar around pipes where they exit the wall.

PipeSnug is a new and completely unique product that a plumber or builder can use to seal the hole where a pipe exits a wall. Traditionally, this job is done by pointing or sealing the hole with mortar, silicon or expanding foam.

PipeSnug is quicker, cheaper, cleaner and more energy efficient than any of these methods.

PipeSnug can be used on any plumbing or construction project, including new builds, extensions, loft conversions and kitchen or bathroom installations.

“Why wouldn’t you use it?”

The Problem:

Once a plumber has core drilled a hole in an exterior wall to push a pipe through, they will then have to fill the gap between the pipe and the wall. This is to eliminate the ingress of water and insects and help maintain the insulated U-Value (heat loss) of the wall.

In many cases, the hole is just left unfilled!

Difficult to do

Can be fiddly, awkward places with tight angles and little space, sometimes up a ladder. Having to use a trowel, foam or silicon gun and mortar.

Time consuming

Up to half an hour per hole to do properly.

Materials and labour.

Poor finish

Looks unsightly and unprofessional.

The Solution – PipeSnug:

Time saving

Can be fitted in seconds.

Money saving

A plumber could save up to £300 per month in reduced labour cost and materials.

Energy efficient

Provides an airtight and watertight seal. Maintains wall U-value.

Looks great

Tidy and professional finish to the job.

Additional benefits of PipeSnug:

  • Reduces damp and mould ingress (particularly on old solid wall construction)
  • Helps prevent pest and insect infestation
  • Covers the damage to brickwork caused by core drilling
  • Helps to reduce noise from pipework vibration
  • Helps to protect pipework from sharp masonry
  • Increases ease of installation by securing pipework in place prior to fixing

PipeSnug Product Range

PipeSnug can be used with all major makes of solvent weld plastic pipe fittings. We currently offer a solution for external use for 32mm and 40mm waste pipes and will be bringing out additional sizes very soon.

Pipe Diameter Material Use Colour External Use Internal Use
Metric Imperial* Black White Grey
32mm 1 1/4″ Plastic Waste (sink) Coming soon
40mm 1 1/2″ Plastic  Waste (bath, sink) Coming soon
110mm 4″ Plastic Soil stack (toilet) Coming soon
15mm 1/2″ Copper Gas, water, central heating Coming soon
22mm 1″ Copper Gas, water, central heating Coming soon
28mm 4″ Copper Gas, water, central heating Coming soon

* Closest imperial equivalent to the metric size. PipeSnug is manufactured according to metric dimensions.

PipeSnug Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it have a look at what our clients think of PipeSnug.

PipeSnug great. Saves time and money. Really good finish, client really happy
Chris Turner
Chris Turner Gas Services
No more pointing!!
CJs Plumbing

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PipeSnugs are now available to buy here.

About Us

PipeSnug is the evolution of an idea that Chris Burdett had to help solve a problem that he encountered on every job he ran with his construction business. Chris met Alex Lever and in 2014 they decided to form Snug Solutions® Ltd to design and produce the product.

Chris is a professionally-qualified bricklayer and builder with more than 20 years’ industry experience. He has run his own construction, garden design and landscaping company for many years.

Alex has helped set up and run a number of companies, in a wide range of industry sectors, particularly property, manufacturing and IT/technology.

PipeSnug is the first product brought to market by Snug Solutions but we have other exciting products we are working on, all of which are focused on solving problems in the construction and plumbing sector. If you have any product ideas you think would make a plumber or builder’s life easier, we would love to hear from you and help make your idea a reality.

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